The trufflebit platform makes it easy to collect and store your data. It also automatically aligns your data with additional external sources and with our location- and time-aware knowledge base. The fusion of all of these data powers our AI machinery, which delivers forecasts that are adapted to the specific needs of your application.

Intuitive User Interface

The trufflebit platform provides you with an intuitive and easy-to-use console to manage all of your data ingestion and forecasting projects from a single location. You can create forecasts down to individual entities, and further aggregate those into higher-level predictions for your business.

The trufflebit platform's user interface is based on modern web technologies, delivering beautiful visualizations of data and forecasts over time to a variety of devices and client platforms. And don't worry if you are short of time, we can also just send you periodic emails with forecasts for the next days or weeks.



Our solutions are tailor-made for varied market dynamics and needs to deliver on the forecast accuracy that you deserve. We provide you with pre-configured integrations and visualizations for high-precision forecasts with no configuration effort. The specific time and location influences in your sector are taken into accout out of the box.

Our Clients

Core Team

Our team is composed of top experts in machine learning, data engineering, and software engineering, providing you with the peace of mind of a well-architected and solid forecasting platform. Our passion is to make your business run more smoothly powered by accurate, easy to create, and beautifully presented forecasts.

Fabian Gieseke

CEO, Machine Learning

Assistant Professor

Marcos Antonio Vaz Salles

Data Engineering

Associate Professor

Boris Düdder

Software Engineering

Assistant Professor